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Supreme Court hands down landmark judgment allowing equal pay claims to be brought in the civil courts
24 October 2012
Leigh Day & Co
Law firm Leigh Day & Co are bringing the claims against Birmingham City Council on behalf of 174 claimants, with another 1000 claims pending in Birmingham alone. There are also thousands more claims in other areas around the UK being handled by Leigh Day & Co awaiting this decision.
Landmark Ruling In Court Of Appeal as Ex-Birmingham City Council Workers Win Right to Bring Equal Pay Claims In High Court
29 November 2011
Chris Benson, Leigh Day & Co.

The Court of Appeal today upheld a landmark decision to allow equal pay claims to be heard in the High Court as well as at an Employment Tribunal.

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council in the Employment Appeal Tribunal
05 November 2009
Micheal Newman, 05 November 2009
On 2nd July 2009, the employment tribunal decided that Bury MBC did not have a good defence to the equal pay claims that had been brought.
Widespread sexism in the Finance Sector finds EHRC Inquiry today
07 September 2009
Leigh Day & Co Solicitors

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Inquiry into sex discrimination and unequal pay in the Financial Services industry.

ET Judgement Summary Regarding Bury MBC
06 July 2009
Leigh Day & Co Solicitors

Written by Michael Newman